Creating A Well-Accepted Brochure

A brochure is a great way to get people interested in your offer.  Be it a vacation to a far off land or it could be to a piece of futuristic tech.  Either way, people have been using brochures for years to accomplish this task.  When it comes to brochure printing in Aurora, here are a few tips that will get you the best results.

Know your message

Your message has to be clear.  More often than not people try to hide the message or give additional feature and benefits that are not as attractive because they don’t think their initial message is clear enough.  When creating a brochure for a vacation for example, put the best photo you can on the cover that will attract the people to your resort.  This can be the first thing they think of when visiting, blank.


The next thing you need to know is your layout.  You don’t want to have everything and anything in your brochures.  You want to have a layout that offers a few tantalizing tidbits in the form of photos and then a little information about your offer.  This is going to be your hook.  Finally, at the end or on the back or somewhere prominent give them the details as to how to get this offer.  Don’t hide that how to get it, make it front and center.


Your colors should flow as well.  Stick with two or three colors.  You don’t need to have a rainbow of colors in your brochures.  In fact, Red, Black, White and Blue are going t be the main colors that attract the eye when using a brochure. 


brochure printing in Aurora

When choosing your fonts, use no more than two.  Have a bold prominent font for headers and locations and a regular font that is easy to read which will give your information.  Don’t try to be fancy with anything listed above, it will only work against you in the end.